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Shoes: Adidas Originals

After my short Easter getaway to the sunny Mallorca, which was just so relaxing I am back in Zurich and guess what?! The temperature has dropped to the cold again. Well means it’s time for Hoodies!

Next to leather jackets and sneakers it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces. Sure, the sporty version of it is a very casual piece but still you can see many different variations even on the famous runways. Different materials, special designs, different kinds of the hood itself, sweater or jacket – there seems to be no limit in variations when it comes to this one piece. And it’s not a trend for men only; you can see many women out there who are wearing kind of the same hoodies than we are.

It clearly shows what a big influence streetwear has on high fashion. And I really like that. Sure, high fashion will always have its own style and totally different rules, but seeing the mixture between these two rather very different kinds of fashion styles makes it really interesting. The hoodie is clearly standing for comfort and effortlessness, and this may be the exact reason why it’s that popular. Wearing a hoodie makes you look like you’re not trying too hard focusing on your style even if you’re combining it with exclusive shoes, pants or jackets.

So, the moment you’re feeling just lazy about styling or putting the focus on minimalism, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Whenever you feel like just wear your hoodie wherever you go, I’m sure, you won’t get any weird comments or looks from other people. Just combine it with some cool shoes or other pieces, and you definitely won’t feel like getting out of the gym area.

Shoes: Adidas Originals

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