Castle on the hill...

Accessories: Fossil

Sure, I’m not on a hill here in Zurich and it’s not a castle at all. Well, at least not the exact definition of a castle. But still, the architecture reminded me of this kind of buildings somehow. And yes, we all know the incredibly talented Ed Sheeran and his many successful songs, don’t we? So this song just came into my mind while I was thinking of a castle.

Anyway, architecture is only one aspect I really love when it comes to different countries and cities. There are so many hidden spots, which you only notice by really looking at it. As soon as you focus on opening your eyes and notice things, you can see so many little treasures, which you usually miss while rushing through the streets. And there are so many stories behind all these buildings we don’t know and we’ll never know, I guess.

That’s the magic about all these different cities out there. And whenever the sun comes out, it’s even more beautiful. Sure, a snowy city also has its fascination as it looks like a painting, but well… The kind of light and colors you can see, the feeling of spring or summer in the air, it just makes me feel great. It all goes so much easier than in winter, for me at least. I’m happy it’s April already, but well, the time does not have to rush now as it did over the last weeks. I wish the days were just a bit longer than they really are, because I’ve got so many ideas and things to do and 24 hours are just not enough. I’m happy to let you know soon about all the upcoming projects and take you on the journey, wherever it may lead to.

Accessories: Fossil

Take care & write you soon…



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