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…when in beautiful „Mother City“. As you know, I’ve been in Cape Town for quite a while now and I already experienced some cool and amazing things, as you’ve probably seen on my Instagram. But still there are many more things to explore and it is good that I am back soon after a quick break back in Switzerland. 

Let me just give you a quick overview about things to do here and some of my recommendations if you ever want to visit Cape Town. 

Lions Head
Well, that's the local and most famous mountain and seen on almost every picture of Cape Town. If you‘re in town, you definitely need to climb up the mountain to enjoy a stunning view over the city. It’s only a 45-50 minutes hike up there and I’d recommend to do it for sunrise. The mood and the view is just spectacular. 

Table mountain
This is another famous and beautiful mountain and even a bit higher than Lions Head. There are many paths and routes up to that mountain – and even a cable car for the lazy ones. However, you get the most out of it when hiking up there. Best times are also early for sunrise, if you don’t want to have too many tourists up there or then for sunset. Both options are magical. 

There are many beautiful beaches along the coast of Cape Town with fine sands and clear blue water. Although the water is very cold even in summer. It’s not getting warmer than 12-13 degrees Celsius. But it’s kinda refreshing though on a hot summer day. The most famous beaches are Clifton Beaches or Camps Bay which are very touristic at the same time, though. There are some more beautiful and less crowded beaches along the coast. In Camps Bay, you have a lot of different beautiful cafés and restaurants along the beach and it’s a good place to enjoy a sundowner. 

In Cape Town in general there are a lot of beautiful fine dining restaurants at reasonable prices. At the Kloofstreet there are many different fancy places, however my all-time favorite restaurant is the „Kloofstreet House“. And I am dying for their cheesecake as a dessert. So delicious!

The city is also famous for its healthy and delicious breakfast places in town or in the Sea Point area. Two of my favourite spots are the Nourish’d and the Jarryd’s which offer a variety of healthy food and many different smoothie bowls, which I like a lot.

Of course, you can also do some shopping in Cape Town and one famous place but also touristic of course, is the V&A Waterfront shopping mall with numerous shops and stores. 

What I like a lot is the Sea Point walk directly along the ocean where I usually do my morning runs or just go for a walk. 

When in Cape Town it’s also a good idea to go on a safari to see the wild animals in their nature. I visited a rescued animals farm where I could go close to these animals and even stroke them and take pictures. These animals there got a new home instead of being killed. 

These are only a few things to do and I can’t wait to be back in Cape Town to create even more amazing experiences. And of course I will tell you more about it at a later stage. 

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