Cape Town – Surfer’s paradise at Llandudno Beach…

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…in my opinion one of the most beautiful beaches around Cape Town, if not even the most beautiful one. The beach and the little village there is called Llandudno and it’s only a short car drive from Cape Town along the coast. 

And what you can find there is just amazingly beautiful: fine white sand, clear blue water, big waves and therefore a lot of surfers. But what I like the most about the beach is, that it’s not too crowded than the other beaches right in Cape Town such as Clifton or Camps Bay. So that means in other words it’s less touristic and more beautiful. 

The best time to go there is probably in the late afternoon and then to stay for the sunset, which is just so incredibly stunning. I mean you all know that I am a big fan of sunsets but did I explain you already why? Because it’s a time to just enjoy the moment – for yourself or with beloved people around you. It’s the time to be thankful for your life, for all the wonderful experiences you are able to enjoy, for all the lovely encounters and people you meet and it’s just a peaceful moment to be happy and satisfied. 

And as you can see, I will never get tired of watching sunsets and I love to travel the world to see different sunsets at different locations and everyone is beautiful and special in its own kind. 

So I am wondering where in the world I will see the next stunning sundowner. Any suggestions?

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