Cape Town summer fashion revival…

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…just because it’s summer now in Switzerland too and we are all sweating and looking for refreshment. The summer and the temperatures are chasing the all-time high record. So I didn’t want to hide these pictures we shot in Cape Town’s summer in the beginning of the year in a fashion editorial style. 

I love to try out different things such as new locations but also new clothes or clothing styles. On these pictures we tried something different, something more fashionable and matching the location in color and style. 

What I love about such fashion editorial shoots is the fact that there is more creativity flowing. It’s kind of creating an art piece together with a whole team: the photographer, the stylist, the hair- and make-up artist, the assistants and of course the model. In my job it’s always about teamwork that makes the dream work. 

One single person can’t contribute enough to have a good result. I mean how could I photograph myself except taking a selfie, which is of course not as good as a professional picture. Therefore, I love working in a team, producing cool content and images. If everyone is happy with the result in the end, that’s the best feeling. 

So how do you like these different kind of pictures and the fashion I am wearing? Let me know your thoughts. 

Photographer: Jürgen Hoffmann

Take care & write you soon...



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