Calling for happiness…

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…or at least a beautiful summer, which is pretty much the same. And I think we all deserve a warm and sunny summer which we hopefully can enjoy with our friends and family. Maybe it’s just within our city or country, maybe we can even travel to some destinations. But for sure, it’s a summer which is not going to be like the others. 

It’s a different time and we still have to manage to live with this Coronavirus. Yes, we cannot think it’s all over yet, just because we have less strict measures or less cases. It’s still here and if we don’t take care of ourselves and each other it will come back the sooner than we expected. 

So, go outdoors if you are allowed to, go and have dinner in your favorite restaurant, go to the lake to enjoy the sun and swim in the water, go to a friend’s BBQ. Do all the things you love to do, but do it with a little caution. Remember that the virus is still here and respect the rules by the government. Download the tracing apps to get informed in case you were close to an infected person or the other way around that the app can inform people you were close to if you got the virus. 

There are easy things to consider and we might can avoid a second total lockdown and fight the Coronavirus more easily by tracking the infected people and isolating them. I am sure, there will be a second wave and it’s coming, nobody knows when exactly. But we better should be prepared. 

So I am calling for a beautiful summer, for love and happiness and for taking care of one and each other. And you?

Take care & write you soon...



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