Call me dandy...

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

Dandy fashion is not a new trend. Not at all. It’s a fashion trend, which is already lasting for many many years, even centuries. And it hasn’t changed that much. It seems as if todays modern gentlemen (I’ve talked about the definition already in a previous post) are aware of the „old“ elements of dandy fashion and reuse it today again. There are different kinds of the dandy fashion. The start of „dandyism“ was more over-the-top, which means a lot of jewelry, velvet and even wigs. It changed in a way as that the word „dandyism“ is now connected to every man who likes fashion and likes to express himself. You can either stand out from the crowd or you’re more the type who’s choosing to understate in terms of elegance with muted colors.

So the question is: What describes or better defines dandy fashion? First, it’s about impeccable tailoring. All of the chosen pieces need to be well-cut and therefore suit your body. But it’s not about overdressing. The dandy man doesn’t look out to overload the outfits with accessories or to pursue certain trends just to be in style. Everyone needs to find his own dandy style, even if it first may seem a bit flamboyant. If mixed carefully, the different textures, colors and patterns seem artful. Classic elements can be a trench coat, blazers, scarves, gloves or a leather jacket.

It is said, that a dandy man would not wear casual clothing on a regular basis. Even if just meeting friends, the whole outfit will be calculated with all the details. So when it comes to that, I’d say that I’m a mix between a dandy man, a sporty guy and an elegant business man. A mix of all of them. It just depends on the occasion – and I guess that’s what counts. Fitting just into one role seems too boring for me.

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

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