Buongiorno da Milano...

Outfit: JUCAN tailor-made

Il dolce far niente. This is what I usually connect with spending time in Italy. A wonderful countryside, great food, easy-going and open-minded people. The list how to describe this country is long. In my case, it’s not about holiday this time but quite the contrary. We all know the feeling of looking for a new adventure. Routine and kind of a guarantee are great and priceless, but we’re all arriving at a point where we feel like making a further step into the chosen direction. For me, Milan will be the next stop for the beginning of this year. I’ve arrived in my apartment yesterday and I’m just right in the middle of the fashion season here. Many international male models from all the different agencies are arriving here during the next days to call for work. Why? Because the Fashion Week starts on January 14th and lasts until 17th. And I’m really excited to be here during this years’ season.

So how does my schedule look like (beside my gym sessions)? This question is a bit more difficult to answer. Compared to Zurich, it is more about castings, castings and yes castings. Just because of this great event. But also because of the high amount of agencies, models, brands/clients. Therefore the competition is much higher than in Switzerland. You need to be more self-confident as you’re only a number here and don’t know the clients personally as you do in the smaller cities. But these facts make it just as fascinating as it is.

Editorial shootings will be another part of the daily life here and I’m looking forward to meeting new people from other parts of the world on a regular basis. This is why you can learn a lot out of this job – if you want to for sure.

And then last but not least, we’ve got Pitti Immagine, the world famous fashion exhibition, or just the short version Pitti. Every blogger, fashionista or just fashion-oriented person knows this big event. Instagram is full of all the posts of the greatest leaders in the industry like Mariano Di Vaio every time this event is taking place. It looks like a huge meet&greet of all the fashion lovers and I’m absolutely happy to be able to make a quick stop in Florence and meet all these great and inspiring people and as well the brands.

I’m going to keep you all up-to-date as often as possible and necessary. The most will happen on my Instagram Stories – so check out there what I’m doing all day long.

Outfit: JUCAN tailor-made

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