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...if you feel way too busy or just too tired after a long working day and/or drunk after partying til 5am in the morning. The same goes for the face. To clean the face as well as brushing your teeth is simply a must – no matter what. There are simply no excuses. Just because of the fact it is really important and the basics you need for a proper appearance. 

When it comes to my teeth, I prefer electric toothbrushes over the manual ones. Not because I’m too lazy (well, maybe a bit) but it’s simply easier and the results are way better than doing it manually. And with all the new toothbrushes and the innovative technologies, the user experience and therefore the results are getting better and better.

I’ve tested the new Oral-B GENIUS X and I need to say that I really like this version. As usual, the product and the packaging are really nicely done. But it’s not only that. The combination of the toothbrush and the app (for any smartphone) is really helpful and brings you to the results you’re hoping for. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you are receiving a feedback immediately while brushing and after finishing your routine. You can see the details about the pressure and the information whether you’ve pushed too hard or just enough, the length of your routine, all the teeth you’ve cleaned etc. And the speed is getting adjusted if you push too hard on your gum.

The artificial intelligence is really like a coach and supports you during the daily routine. So what do we need more? A great design, a virtual but helpful coach, the practical travel case for all your trips (so you do not need to switch to your manual toothbrushes) and sure the nice packaging. 

All I can say now is: Happy cleaning! 

Tootbrush: Oral-B GENIUS X

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