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We should follow that motivational sentence not only before the summer season but also during the whole year – with some exceptions like Christmas, Easter, birthdays, holidays or cheat days for sure. With this in mind, we can do better - physically and mentally. There’s only one problem. It won’t come naturally. Sure, some of us just have great genes or an easier tendency to stay fit. However usually, there’s only one way to achieve our best form: commitment to work hard! You need to wake your will, so let’s start at the point at which you’re committed and eager to change your habits and life.

We’re all confronted with extraordinary fit men (and women) – especially when it comes to action movies. Dwayne Johnson alias The Rock, Robert Downey Jr. alias Iron Man, Matt Damon alias Jason Bourne – the list is endless. Or some female counterparts like Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Blunt or Lucy Liu. They all have one in common: They’re fit. We don’t know their habits in general or their shape during “off-season”, but if you see them on the screen, they just show the definition of being fit.

So the question is: What does it need (next to commitment) to be in shape like for example Matt Damon? He is famous for his most successful role Jason Bourne, a former spy (currently seen in Jason Bourne part 5, which is now on DVD and Blu-Ray). To achieve a level like this I think we need to fulfill the following aspects. Let’s start with the eating habits. Beer and pizza may be incredibly delicious but the worst thing if you eat/drink it on a regular basis. And it’s sad to say, but: No chocolate! So if you replace pizza by vegetables, beer by water, chocolate by low fat yoghurt, you’re already heading into the right direction. When it comes to the workout, there are plenty of opportunities and no perfect solution for everyone. There are different kinds of cardio elements like the stairwalker or the treadmill, which are stimulating the metabolism as well as the fat burning. And there’s another big thing: shadow boxing and circulation at the sandbag. Extremely exhausting but highly efficient. The core workout itself should focus on a muscular center of the body, which means planks, lunges and burpees. You can add sit-ups, push-ups, squads etc. to get perfectly in shape like your action heros.

Important is, that you just make sure to have a suitable exercise and eating plan according to your own goals, which fits into your daily routine. Whether you want to be fit for your first marathon or having a body like Matt Damon (after many many months of tough training!) it has an impact on your workout plan! And still don’t forget to give yourself enough moments of relaxation. This is one more important aspect not to forget if you want to achieve your personal training goals.

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