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…in a sustainable and responsible way. Time is changing – unstoppable. Everything has to be even better, bigger, cooler and above all: faster. Because we don't have time anyway. Time is money and cash is king. Nevertheless, it is important to take the time to think about significant changes in our life or lifestyle.

Because our current behavior has an impact on the world of tomorrow, our living area in a few years, that of our children and descendants. It is said, that we should live in the "here and now" and should not waste thoughts on the past or to look too far into the future. But what happens if we just live on without thinking? It is a fact, that the world's population is growing steadily, but the space in urban areas is not increasing. This means more and more people in the same area, in the streets and yes, more traffic. So a central question in this context is the question about our mobility.

How does the individual mobility develop? Everyone prefers to be individually mobile in order to be able to get anywhere as quickly and conveniently as possible. This means that more and more cars are coming onto the road, more cars mean more CO2 emissions and this pollutes the environment and thus threatens our living space. So if we were to live on without thinking about it, what will the world look like in 20,30 or 50 years' from now?

So what if there was a solution to make private transport more environmentally friendly and sustainable without sacrificing comfort and independence? Of course there are solutions - the electric cars. And BMW is a pioneer in the development and design of electric-powered vehicles. Because their goal is to develop and offer sustainable solutions for mobility.

Of course I was happy about being asked if I would test the new BMWi3 for its suitability for everyday use, driving comfort and how it fits into my lifestyle. Nevertheless, there were many question marks when it came to electric vehicles. Everything revolved around questions like that: How long is the range? Are there enough charging stations? How long does it take to recharge? Is charging too complicated? How fast does the car go? How does it feel to drive an electric car? The design doesn't look very nice, etc.

To be honest, I started my test experience with the BMWi3 based on many prejudices. Knowing that I want to support something meaningful in terms of sustainability, but also with the idea that I don't want to give up my comfort. So I took my new environmentally friendly vehicle and tested it for a week in my daily business life. This meant that the BMWi3 had to cover a few kilometers, because of various meetings, shows and shootings in Switzerland were on the agenda, and even snow trips to the mountains.

First of all, I was enthusiastic about the design, construction and interior design, which were all made of sustainable materials. The BMWi3 comes along nicely and fits perfectly to my urban and cool lifestyle. Once you get on board, you don't want to get off again. The driving sensation and comfort are simply unsurpassed. This silent way of driving may take some time to get to used to, but it feels almost like driving in a metro. But the electric drive, the stepless acceleration and the manoeuvrability of the vehicle is fantastic and I would not have expected this. You need to try it out for yourself.

But let’s head over to the central questions. How far does this electric car with a load go? Well, I've been driving quite some routes this week like Zurich-Chur or Chur-Flims and Flims-Zurich and I've never had the moment of not having enough range. With a full load you can travel 200 km - 250 km, depending on your way of driving. Much further than I thought. And thanks to an outstanding technology that always displays the current range and always adapts to the current driving behavior, you are always well informed. The nearest charging stations are also displayed.

Which brings us to the next subject, the cargo. How complicated is the charging process? Are there enough charging stations and how long does it take? I have to admit that it was one of my biggest concerns not to find any charging station. But I was taught otherwise. Charging stations are plentiful and the network is constantly being expanded. The major problem is the charging time. Of course, there are loading points where a full load takes only 30 minutes, but usually it takes 2-3 hours until the car is fully loaded. This simply means that driving an electric car requires a certain amount of planning. That's how I got through my week without problems and I reached all the destinations I wanted, except when I had to drive 500 km within a short time without taking a break. And yes, one day I did not reach my destination in Flims on time. It was not because of the electric car, but the heavy winter weather conditions, which made it impossible to continue the trip.

In short, I can look back at a successful test week with the new BMWi3 and I am pleased to have experienced this new form of sustainable mobility, because I’m sure that electro-mobility is the future. I can say that the BMWi3 has also matched with my lifestyle and the driving comfort is indescribably good. The only point of criticism is not the range, but rather the charging time. However, I know that there is a great deal of work being done in the development department to shorten this charging process in order to improve loading comfort. The electric car is therefore the perfect sustainable alternative and is particularly suitable and recommendable as a city car and on short and medium distances. After all, in addition to a great driving experience, you help the environment and the sustainable lifestyle.

But the best thing to do is to try it out for you, because as I said before: It is a pure joy to drive, which has to be experienced. That's why BMW offers the sensational test offer "No Risk. Just Fun." with a 6-month trial lease with guaranteed right of return. So please register here for a test drive without hesitation.

More impressions here:

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