Black and Grey – the Milan casting dress code…

Outfit: Tigha

Alright, I am already a week here in Milan and my days look basically like: getting up in the morning, look for all the castings and where to get there and when. Then it’s all about waiting and waiting and waiting. Sometimes the line is even down the stairs to the entrance and beyond. Yes it needs a lot of patience. And to finish a busy day I need to hit the gym for coming down a bit and relax my mind.

While standing in the casting line I can see many different types of how to tide over the long waiting hours. There are some models just plug their headphones in and listen to good music, even sometimes that loud that everybody else can hear it. Other ones just keep talking to each other but probably only if they know each other already, otherwise it’s very rare to have big chats since everyone is focused on its own. Then there are the ones who just thumb through their model book many times and look at their own pictures. And the last ones who just play with their smartphones whether it’s a game or just chatting on Whatsapp or checking out Instagram or Facebook.

Although there are so many different types of spending the waiting time at the castings, there is one thing all have in common – the dress code. Basically, everyone is dressed in black, grey or just a dark color. I’ve never seen a bright color, nor white. Is it because black is supposed to let you look thin? In any case, you do best if you wear a casual style with a mix of vintage and designer clothes. But just don’t overdo with a bunch of designer labels or accessories. Just a cool look which fits perfectly your body, means tight dark jeans and a t-shirt or turtleneck (which is very popular this season because of the cold weather). You can even wear a casual plaid shirt (see the pictures) combined with a sweater. Then to round up your outfit just add some cool boots or sneakers. Overall just show a flair of fashion with a vintage influence and express your personality through your styling.

Outfit: Tigha

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