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Yes, big prints are a huge topic in the fashion industry for the upcoming spring/summer season 2018. Why not? Make it big and significant that’s probably the message and I kinda like it. Of course, prints in general are not every ones cup of tea but I’d say you should at least give it a try.

When I was shopping the last time and looking for some new trendy clothes, I fell in love with this jumper immediately. The strong colors and the cool flower print makes it just a unique piece I must have. Difficult to combine? Not at all. I am wearing my suit pants from one of my last blog post of this summery suit. And it matches just perfectly. You don’t have to do much to have a cool look.

However, when you go for prints, just make sure to have at least one calm piece of clothing. Means if you are deciding to wear a crazy pattern on your upper part, try to calm down the whole outfit with simple one-colored pants or just a basic jeans. And the opposite can be quite cool as well. Find a trouser with a big print but then just make sure to wear a simple t-shirt in one color. I think if you wear big prints over all, it looks more like a pajamas and we don’t want that. I mean the out of the bed look is trendy but then we are talking about hair styling.

No, but seriously and back to big prints. It’s a big thing this season and I am not only speaking about flower prints, animal prints or comics. Also clothing pieces with big prints of the brand logo on it are in fashion. Levis, Diesel, Armani and Ralph Lauren are good examples for that, just to name a few.

Therefore, go out and try it out. Make it big but significant!

Outfit: PKZ Men

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