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The capital of Switzerland, a small city in the heart of the country. Compared to all the other big capitals around the world is Bern quite small, but not less beautiful. Even more beautiful, I think. Due to the small size, it has its own charm – and quite a lot of it.

Because of a fashion event last Sunday, I travelled to the capital and took it by chance to shoot some nice pictures in the romantic and historic streets. While strolling around and passing by many tourists you can discover so many wonderful places. Almost every corner is a perfect setting for incredible photos. And because of that fact, we were not the only one there having the same idea. Moreover, we were surrounded by tourists taking their selfies and capturing lifetime memories or watching us in a strange manner during our photoshoot.

Anyways, the beautiful location this city offers, is the perfect spot to shoot amazing new fashion trends for the fall season, some of them you have already seen on the blog or social media. But this outfit here I like a lot. It’s such an eye-catching look which fits perfectly into the grey fall mood to brighten up the days.

The red patterned coat is my favorite piece in this outfit. And according to the Swiss colors it matches perfectly to the capital. Combined with cool sweatpants and a simple shirt in a decent fall color, you got the look immediately and you’re ready for the colder days.

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

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