Basel - things never turn out…

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…the way you expect. You all may think blah blah and roll your eyes about this other piece of wisdom here. However, we still all know that it is true. And it doesn’t matter in which area. You can plan all the details, include all the risk potential and still it sometimes all goes in another direction. It doesn’t have to be the worse ending but usually it’ll be simply different.

As I’ve seen yesterday again. Having a busy day with blog shootings in Zurich and an event in Basel, we needed to plan it quite strict as there was not that much time left. I planned to show you a travel blog post with some sightseeing of Basel. But well, traffic and no parking spaces made it impossible to head to the location I’ve intended to show you. This is most probably because of the world famous watch and jewelry exhibition “Baselworld” which is taking place right now in Basel.

However, accepting how it is and staying flexible may be the only options you have. And make the best out of it. Doing that, we needed to find the creativity just some meters away from the event location. And as you can see, we’ve found a nice spot even under time pressure. It may not be the »place to be« I wanted to show you but it’s a lovely industrial area and building here, too.

And you know what? There couldn’t be a better match to the outfit I’ve chosen. A beige trench coat, which is never out of fashion combined with simple jeans and some fancy shoes in a cognac color. In addition to that, we’ve arrived on time at the event and enjoyed the time there as well. So as you can see, it didn’t turn out the way I expected or hoped but it was all fine.

Take care & write you soon…



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