Barcelona – one of my favorite cities…

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…and always worth to travel to. Honestly, I’ve been there already probably for 10 times, I can’t even count. But to me, it’s definitely my favorite city in Europe to travel to and one of my favorite ones in the world. However, I can’t really explain why Barcelona got me that much.

It was probably love at first sight when I traveled to that Mediterranean city for the first time in 2008. I don’t know why that happened and I can’t really explain the fascination behind it. I think it’s the combination of many different aspects which makes it to a perfect place to stay.

Barcelona as a city has so many things to offer. And when we went there this time, it was kind of like a first time for me too since my friend and photographer didn’t know the city at all. So it was on me to play the tourist guide and show her all the hot spots in town while taking some cool pictures for you at the same time. And it was much fun to explore the city once again in that perspective. Although, my last time was quite a while ago, I was surprised by the fact that I knew a lot about the city. And the more we strolled around the more I knew to tell and explain.

As I mentioned, the city combines so many good things. There is of course the beautiful architecture mostly influenced by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, who built so many impressive buildings all over Barcelona. Like the Park Güell too which is also a “must-seen” when in Barcelona. I talked about it already in one of my last blog posts.

Moreover, the city has so many beautiful and tiny little streets with fancy coffee shops or restaurants to offer. And the Spanish food? Just delicious. I love all the tapas, paella and of course the Spanish red wine. And don’t forget about the shopping possibilities. Of course there is the most famous street in Barcelona – Las Ramblas. But I don’t recommend to shop or dine there. It’s too touristic and way too expensive for what you get. Rather go into the side streets or the neighborhoods “El Gotic” or “El Born”.

When you want to go partying, Barcelona offers also many options. From numerous bars to cool clubs. The most famous area for clubbing is right at the Beach, from Barceloneta upwards. There are some beach restaurants which turns into clubs later in the night.

And speaking about beaches, that’s something I love about Barcelona, too. It’s a big city with a beach and the ocean. When on summer vacation, it’s a must for me to have the chance to jump into a sea or a lake. So after a busy shopping day or cultural tour through the city, you can go to the beach the next day and just relax and soak up the sun.

Well, I could tell you even more about this wonderful city. But I would say a video says more than 1’000 words. Therefore, check the travel video I filmed for you about my stay in Barcelona.

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