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Life is a balancing act at all times. There are always up’s and down’s. But whether if you’re in a positive or negative period at the moment, the most important thing is how to react and deal with those situations.

There are so many studies and researches about how important a good work-life-balance is and I already wrote about this topic in a previous post. And this time it is not about the actual work-life-balance in its origin like to maintain that you don’t work too much and also have enough spare time. In my opinion in every situation in life, no matter if it’s work-related or not, you have to find a good balance.

Also, when making decision it’s so often a balancing act - especially then. And to be honest for me with the zodiac sign Libra it is even more difficult. If it comes to hard and important decisions I always try to counterbalance both sides and try to note down the positive and negative aspects of the decision made, either ways.

But well, I think it lies in the nature of a human being to reflect before important decisions which have a big impact on our lives. In the end, finding the right balance is crucial to live a happy and successful life however also as hard to reach.

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se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht


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