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…a little timeout. I know, I might have mentioned it already many times how important it is to take breaks from time to time. Already when writing this new article, it feels like I’ve written these words again and again. 

However, I do not want to miss to point out again the importance of it. And maybe I should take it more seriously for myself. Because as you know me, I am always on the go, doing something, running from one project to the other, creating content, having meetings and events and so on. At least the travel part is less this year, which is on one hand very sad, because I love to travel, but on the other hand it also gives time for new projects or different things. 

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not complaining or that it’s too much or that I don’t like my job. Not at all! I love my job and I love being busy, having this positive stress and pressure. I think this is what makes you become better. Accept the challenges you are facing and try to overcome them. But if you really love what you are doing, it is even more difficult to take breaks and to shift down one gear. 

However, I think you have to do it from time to time to recharge your batteries and to get new ideas, new perspectives on things. And I can do that best with a relaxing getaway to a wellbeing hotel such as the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and enjoying some spa treatments to get new energies.

How do you relax your mind best?

Take care & write you soon...



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