Bad Ragaz – when everything becomes new at the Quellenhof…

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…but one thing remains the same! As you’ve might seen, I enjoyed once more some time at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz – one of my all-time favorite hotels in Switzerland or beyond. And you know what makes the difference for me when evaluating?

I mean, almost every five star hotel is beautiful, has a lot of things to offer, cozy rooms, trendy restaurants, numerous sports and spa facilities, very good location, tradition and more. And of course the quality varies from hotel to hotel. But there is one thing, which I didn’t mentioned yet, what makes the big difference when evaluating a hotel and has the biggest impact on the overall satisfaction of their guests – the quality of service and the friendliness of the staff. 

And once more I have to say, and despite all the renovations, renewal and modernization, the service remained the way it was before. And this is nothing bad at all, because it remains on the highest level possible. I might sound exaggeratedly but the way the staff is treating their guests there is just exceptional. Every single member of the big hotel staff is just kind, friendly, attentive and helpful. And this is what makes the difference to me.

It’s not the newest and the most stylish room (well, the new rooms and suites at the Grand Hotel Quellenhof are by the way very beautiful, too), the most delicious food (which is still outstanding at the new Restaurant „Verve by Sven“ of the top chef Sven Wassmer) or the best spa facilities (which are amazing at the hotel, too). It’s not a thing that can make the difference, it’s the human. And I love that fact.

Well, I am aware that I only can speak from my personal side and that it might be different from person to person. What makes the difference for you?

Hotel: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

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