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Christmas is over – at least for me. The years when we had extended Christmas festivities over 3-4 days are past. However, it’s not less beautiful or even less meaningful. It’s even the opposite.

I’d probably say it was the most beautiful and intense Christmas we ever had. And that’s not because of the number of presents we got or the delicious food we had. It’s beyond that. It’s the precious time we spent with all the family and spreading the love, joy and happiness. And that’s not something I take for granted since my parents are divorced for over 15 years already. But on Christmas we are reunited to celebrate the firm of love and that’s something special and beautiful to me, what I appreciate more than every present I got.

But as beautiful Christmas is, as much I always eat. And you can’t believe how I am feeling now. I am lying on my sofa after I’ve eaten too many cookies and writing that blogpost about how to get back in shape. I know, it’s hard after Christmas when you are in such a cozy and lazy mood, but hey you’d better get started now than waiting until you’re coming up with your New Year resolutions. So do I. I mean there is nothing more beautiful going for a run, or even if it’s only for a walk, in the nature after these Christmas days. And imagine if there is even snow, it would be like a winter wonderland.

Just make sure to wear appropriate clothing according to the outside temperature and never forget about the style, even in your most coziest moments.

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