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The year is slightly coming to an end. It’s that time of the year when it gets darker earlier and colder more often. It’s almost Christmas time. Although I always try to avoid this pre-Christmas thing in that early state I have to admit that I love this Christmas spirit in the end.

However this period of the year is in my case always the time for reflecting. Thinking back about the year. What did I achieve? What could I have done better? Is there something in my life I would like to change? It feels so good to sit back from time to time, relax and reflect yourself. Going somehow back to the roots. Thinking of where you are coming from. And now it’s getting very deep and personal from my side. I can proudly say that I much appreciate my roots. My family and friends are so important to me and they made me who I am today. In life, having really good and honest friends and family is so precious. As I can remember, when I was a teenager I was far away from the person I am now. Of course as a teenager you are growing with the challenges in life and you first need to find your way and place in this big world. But in my case I was a rather shy and introvert person. I didn’t like to be in the center of attention at all. I was kind of insecure in the public and not that outgoing as I am today. Overall I just hadn’t a high self-confidence.

That changed over the time and I would say thanks to my roots - my family and friends - I learned a lot in life and could become the person I am. However life is about continuing learning. The key to success is to be yourself. Be aware of your roots with trying to always become the best version of you. Therefore keep in mind to be original and yourself since everyone else is already taken.

Outfit: Adidas Originals

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