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…and remembering the good old times, for example when I was in school. I was quite a good student to be honest, but surprisingly I didn’t like the sports classes that much. You may not believe but I wasn’t that sporty back then.

Yes, I even had some pounds more on my hips and wasn’t that good in gymnastics. I was even afraid when it came to climb up the bar or do some gymnastics at the rings. I couldn’t even make it to the top or hold myself up on the rings. Yes, I really hated it. And I always tried to find some excuses why I am not able to do it. I was kind of more the guy for playful sports such as basketball, tennis, volleyball or soccer. Ok, in soccer I wasn’t that good too but I liked it to play at least.

However, looking back now it always makes me laugh thinking of how unathletic I was and how much I do love all kinds of sport now. Yes, practicing sports and being fit and healthy got even to my lifestyle. I can’t imagine living without.

When I got this cool new retro-sneaker by Bally it set me back in times to those days in the gymnastics classes at school when I was 12 years old. Because this shoe looks like my sports shoe I had back then, well just that it is more stylish and fashionable nowadays. But I love how today’s fashion is melted with the old school one.

And today I can wear this sneakers with proud and no fear of practicing any sports at all.

Sneakers: Vita Parcours by BALLY

Take care & write you soon…



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