Baby, it’s cold outside...

Lounge- and Nightwear: CALIDA

But snow seems to arrive even later than last year. We’ve actually planned to shoot these photos in Davos or similar locations, but there was just no snow in this typical winter destinations. The weather forecast for Christmas looks like we’re getting a green holiday – again.

Snow doesn’t seem to make it through, even if the temperature range has been between -5 and +5 degrees Celcius during these days. It’s the high-pressure region we’re in – it’s way too warm on 1000 meters above sea level. Strolling through the streets and looking for the Christmas presents is still a hard thing to do. Not only because of the cold temperatures outside and the very high ones inside the malls and little shops but also because of the amount of people. I guess I’ll never see that many people in the streets of Zurich than during the weekends before Christmas except during high season in summer.

The only difference: the people are not that stressed in the summer time. Now they are. Everyone is rushing through the shops, looking for sales and still so many seem to be annoyed while doing it. Why? Sure, if you’re planning your shopping trip for Christmas too spontaneous on December 23, you can get a bit stressed. But I think there’s no reason in having a bad mood while doing it. Some people decided not to give any presents for Christmas. This may sound a bit hard. But I guess it’s better giving nothing than giving it under a bad mood, just weird circumstances or let’s say just because you think you have to.

Anyway, for me it’s a really nice feeling coming home after a day like this. Knowing that you’ve had some nice ideas for your beloved ones, and then just enjoying the rest of the day at home in my cozy loungewear and preparing the different gifts for Christmas Eve.

Lounge- and Nightwear: CALIDA

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