Arrivederci – with sun in my luggage…

Suitcase & Backpack: American Tourister by Samsonite

All good things come to an end. Today, it was time to get back home after an exciting but intensive week on our journey through Italy. This kind of trip was organized for the first time. The goal behind the idea is it to bring the most successful Swiss influencers together. So how was the experience overall? It was something completely new, that’s for sure. In the beginning it was rather a bit exhausting but it turned better and better and ended as a great adventure.

If you had the expectation of a week of vacation, you had been totally wrong. Of course, we had the opportunity to discover beautiful places and outstanding hotels. However, we were there for work, which means producing blog content in my case. Therefore, our days were packed with shootings, content planning and text writing. It’s a usual day in the life of a blogger just in a sunnier and more beautiful location. Luckily, we had good weather with lots of sun and warm temperatures. So that was perfect for the name of the campaign #WeAreSummer17.

And now I hope that the sun in my luggage is giving Switzerland some sun as well and then I guess we’re all ready for a nice summer 2017!

Suitcase & Backpack: American Tourister by Samsonite

Take care & write you soon…



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