Arosa – Spa and snow…

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…that’s a good combination, as we know. I mean there is no better place or time to enjoy the spa than when there lies snow outside. If the temperatures are freezing cold, it’s so much more fun to relax in the warm and cozy spa after an exciting day in the snow. 

And as you know me, I am a big spa lover and always try to take the chance for some relaxing hours and even if it’s only for some minutes. That’s why I enjoyed it to travel almost straight from the airport coming from Cape Town to Arosa - a Swiss winter wonderland. 

Guess what? The coming weekend I will be in another beautiful winter destination in the Swiss mountains – St. Moritz. World famous for its winter sport facilities and the beautiful and expensive hotels. I am more than thrilled to travel there with Omega and looking forward to enjoying an exiciting and fun weekend in the mountains. I will keep you posted on my Instagram stories what’s going on there. Stay tuned, it’s definitely worth it. 

And after my short trip to St. Moritz, it’s time to fly back to Cape Town for the next two months. My modeling agency there is already waiting and trying to push me and propose to clients there. Hopefully it’s gonna be a successful story and in any case I will enjoy my time a lot, for sure. 

Now, I wish you all a happy weekend and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Take care & write you soon...



Photography by Diana Kottman



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