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…I haven’t done in a while, or only for the pictures though. Yes, these past weeks have been very busy with work, all kinds of work: Modeling jobs, influencer campaigns, content shoots for my own channels and also content production and creation as our new agency Strategy Leaders for other clients. 

December is usually a very busy month for us as content creators and influencers since many brands want to advertise their products before Christmas, which is logical and usually spendings in marketing are very high during Christmas season anyways. In addition to that I am also doing an Advent calendar like the previous years. But this time together with Sara Leutenegger and Michèle Krüsi and we alternate with opening Advent calendar doors and giving away cool gifts every day. 

Yes it’s an extra effort in December, too but it’s important to me (and us) to give back something to our great communities and to say thank you for all the support throughout the year. 

And we also implemented the first projects as Strategy Leaders where we planned and designed cool campaigns for our clients and even did the production of all the content. This is much fun but a lot of work at the same time, too. 

Therefore, I can’t wait to finally kick back my legs and read a good book or just relax and have some “me-time”. Just me, myself and I doing nothing at all but relaxing, sleeping and maybe some spa. A good place to do that is for sure the beautiful Arosa Kulm Hotel in the snowy Swiss mountains, where I have been last weekend. And to be honest, it was rather work than leisure being there, but I still could enjoy some hours of relaxation and quality time with my friends. But one things is for sure, I’ll be back to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Hotel: Arosa Kulm Hotel

Take care & write you soon…



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