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…a lot to offer. And when saying a lot, I really mean a whole bunch of options and places to discover there. And to be honest, before I was considering to travel to Argentina and dive into that country any deeper, I wasn’t really aware of how big and how diverse the country is. I knew that it has a beautiful nature, good meat and is famous for its soccer and their players. And of course Che Guevara who was born in that country and had a big impact in South America. 

However, Argentina is so much more than just that. It has an incredible vibrant capital. Buenos Aires with a population of more than 13 million is a lively city in which you can do a lot of sight seeing like going to museums, seeing historical buildings (e.g. the iconic casa rosada, the house of the president of Argentina), strolling through the streets and parks and feeling the vibe of the city in «La Boca». The district with the colored houses and home of one of the two top soccer teams Boca Juniors. Besides taking photos in front of the colored houses you can enjoy tango shows, artists, musicians and much more on the streets.

And of course, don’t forget to try delicious meat anywhere in Argentina. But just make sure to find a real Argentinian restaurant and don’t walk into a tourist trap. Because often in such reastaurants the quality of the food is not as good and it’s pricey anyways. Go off the stream and find a local venue to try the traditional dishes at a lower price.

If you ever decide to travel to Buenos Aires, make sure to find an apartment in the «Palermo» district. To me, the best place to stay. There you will find lots of restaurants, bars, shops and also a vibrant nightlife. And on top it’s a safe area. Look for an «AirBnB» to rent which is the most suitable option. 

Also don’t miss to stroll along the river in the «Puerto Madero» area which also offers a lot of restaurants and cafés. And I would recommend to see a traditional tango show. Yes, most of them are a real tourist trap, but it’s an experience and worth to watch. 

However, when in Argentina don’t only visit Buenos Aires. The country has so much more to offer. A must-seen is of course the Iguazu waterfall which belongs to the world nature wonder and it’s impressive to see. You can visit the largest waterfalls in the world from either both sides: Argentinian and Brazilian one. And both sides are highly recommended for a visit. And when you are already in the north-west oft he country, go also to one of the ruins of the missions there. Where you can see and feel the history that happend there many, many years ago. 

And the country has so many more things to offer, which I couldn’t see due to time reasons. The north of the country with its impressive desert and landscape is beautiful too or the south with Patagonia and the famous glacier «Perito Moreno». This area has a beautiful nature and provides many opportunities to go hiking and enjoying nature.

Apart from nature, beautiful landscapes and the capital Buenos Aires, there are other cities worth to visit. For example Cordoba, Mendoza or Rosario which is only 4 hours by bus from Buenos Aires and where I went for a short visit. And it was absolutely worth it. The city is very calm, the opposite of the capital but has beautiful sights to see, a lot of parkst to stroll and a lively waterfront with bars and restaurants which is perfect for a walk in the evenings.

All in all, Argentina was so worth to travel and I will definitely come back to explore more of this beautiful country.

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