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That was the question I posed to the two winners of my give away since I reached the 30k followers on Instagram. And they answered right off the bat with a YES. And they needed to be ready because I planned to do one of my regular workout followed by a healthy post-workout lunch.

So there we go! All started at the fitness studio of GO Personal Training in Zurich. We kindly had the chance to use their great facilities to do our workout. After a quick warm-up it was time for the leg day. I thought that women would like to work out the legs, butt and abs. And I wasn’t wrong. My winner girls were highly motivated to start the training session with me.

And since we were three people working out at the same time, I tried to do some kind of a circuit training with different workout stations. It was a mix between training with weights, own bodyweight and cardio. Some common exercises like squats, lunges or step-ups. We added a few exercises for the arms before we destroyed ourselves with the ultimate abs-workout to finish the session. And yes, some of the group couldn’t hold the plank for the requested time. However, it’s not only abot that. The most important thing is to try and try again and with doing so, you’ll get better with each new try.

Being hungry after the training session we headed to our well-deserved lunch place which was the new Hiltl Langstrasse in Zurich. Hiltl was the first vegetarian restaurant in the world and serves now already at many places in Zurich the fresh and delicious vegetarian food. And 4 months ago they opened this new restaurant in the trendy area of Langstrasse. Therefore, the perfect place to enjoy our healthy post-workout lunch.

I mean, I am not vegetarian nor vegan but I do love this food and it’s a good balance to my usual eating habits. And especially when being at Hiltl it is a real pleasure to eat vegetarian because looking at their amazing buffet you can’t get enough of it and I am always eating too much, thanks god it’s the healthy option.

Workout location: GO Personal Training, Zurich
Lunch place: Hiltl Langstrasse, Zurich

Take care & write you soon…



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se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht


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