Another summer weekend is calling, so you’d...

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…better get up early, drive somewhere into nature, enjoy a lovely picnic in the sun and do some wellness to end a busy week.

Why? I guess that's the best option to recharge the batteries during busy times. Choose a weekend, which is not filled with other meetings and get somewhere you like. If possible in new surroundings, which gives you new motivation and creativity in case you've stucked in the middle. If you're totally fine and as I like to say "in the flow" you can even benefit from a new region as you get to know new things and new people which leads to a better mood. Then this brings you one step further everytime. For me, traveling is the best solution to give me back the energy I lose during very busy times. Choosing a nice hotel in a beautiful region, going to bed earlier than during the week, heading to the gym once or twice a day or do some outdoor sports activities and yes, wellness cannot be missed. It can be a bit tiring from time to time as relaxing for many hours makes me quite tired. But that's the part of recharging and relaxation I think. After 2 or 3 days I feel like after a 10 days holiday. In combination with good food and even a picnic in a park or in the hotel area makes it perfect. Doing it like this, you've got a perfect time for all the different senses.

So, whenever you need some new ideas to spend the upcoming summer weekends, my list to give you some insights is long :-)

Have a lovely and sunny weekend!

Take care & write you soon...



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