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…and open for new things. That’s exactly what describes the reason why I travelled again to the beautiful city Cape Town. In life you are always facing many difficult decisions and you don’t know whether to go right or left, whether your decision will bring you any advantages or the opposite. 

But as I said, you will always have these kind of questions and issues whether choosing option A or B. And so often we just stuck where we are. We are not brave enough to widen our horizons and to discover new places, take on new adventures or just make a step in a maybe promising future. This is the so called comfort zone we’re living in and it’s too cozy to leave it. At least of all for an unsecure adventure where we might be all alone and don’t know what outcome it finally has. 

However, we won’t grow with just staying in our comfortable environment. Sometimes, we need to be open for new things, just go in a direction we don’t know exactly where it will lead us to. There will always be another door which will be open for you. The most important thing is that you keep moving and follow your heart. It knows the right path and shows you the beautiful sides of life. 

Therefore, I am more than happy to be back in Mother City and to spend an amazing time here with wonderful experiences and encounters.  

Take care & write you soon...



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