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Shoes: Mathew & Son by Ochsner Shoes

…new shoes. No, I’m kidding, but I absolutely love to get new shoes; it doesn’t matter if it’s about new boots or sneakers. I also like model jobs with focus on shoes in case they’re fitting me with the right size; otherwise it’s getting really painful during the whole day.

Now, as the winter seems to leave soon, I cannot wait to get back to more spring and summer like variations of shoes. However, it’s still quite cold out there, so I focus on some casual and trendy Chelsea boots, which can be combined easily and matches every situation. I decided to choose a pair of dark blue jeans, a light brown s  weater, a black collage jacket an a a  d a scarf in a quite similar shade like the shoes to complete my outfit..

Brown or black as shoe colors are always the easiest ones to match your outfit, next to white sneakers for sure. When it comes to colorful shoes, well then you need to pay a bit more attention if you care about your whole appearance. If you don’t, well then feel free to combine whatever you like. In some cases it just might be the exciting solution to be courageous and mix many colors together or focus on different kind of styles e.g. suit meets sneakers, sporty meets business shoes. I love to play with different styles anyway.

I’m happy to show you some of my new favorite shoes on a regular basis from now on. And I can’t wait for spring and switching to lighter clothes.

Shoes: Mathew & Son by Ochsner Shoes

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