The After-Christmas-Workout plan…

Outfit: Adidas Originals

Every year around the Christmas time I am trying to resist all these delicious temptations. Without any success. I mean there are literally everywhere possibilities to eat cookies, chocolate, gingerbread, chestnuts, waffles and so many more tasty things. And I somehow just have to follow this smell of delicious Christmas sins in the air.

Well, it’s ok I would say because it’s Christmas time and this is the time where you should calm down and relax a bit from your stressful daily routine throughout the year and enjoy the moments with your family and friends without having a guilty conscience. However you need to be aware when it is time to go back on track. For me the time is now! Since I enjoyed the past days with my family and friends a lot and therefore also ate a bunch of delicious food, and cookies of course (I just love them, especially the self-made peanut butter ones of my good friends), I need to go back to my daily training routine and trying to stick a bit more to my clean-eating plan. And the reason for focusing again on my workout and eating habits is not only as a “punishment” of my failure behavior during Christmas time but also because there are some interesting and new projects coming up in the New Year for which I want to be prepared. Very soon I am going to tell you more about this.

Going back to my daily routine means getting off my comfortable sofa and take on my training clothes heading to the gym for some intensive workout sessions. Another option on sunny days like today, just pull over some warmer clothes like a hoodie and jacket and go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be always running on a high intensive level. The best for your “Xmas-cookies-burning-away” training is to do some exercises on a low intensity to let the gained fat melting away. In my case, I have chosen to add both of these variations to my after Christmas workout plan. What are you doing between Christmas and New Year to stay in shape?

Outfit: Adidas Originals

Take care & write you soon…



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