90K Xmas Market – let’s enjoy some mulled wine…

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…and have a good time. Yes, it’s already that time of the year again. The Christmas season has officially started in Zurich with the opening of the beautiful Christmas market “Wienachtsdorf” in the middle of the city. The perfect occasion to celebrate my 90K get-together. 

Once again, I met some lovely people out of my community to spend a wonderful evening together. And it was quite fun and interesting to hear something out of their lives. This is something I really love. Meeting new people, listening to their stories and backgrounds and having good conversations. 

And of course, what shouldn’t be missed at a Christmas market and a big tradition, is to drink mulled wine. I am sure you all know the kind of hot wine which is so good to warm yourself up, especially nowadays since the temperatures dropped dramatically. Another good fact: the more mulled wine I drink, the more talkative I get. I think it’s just the same with everyone. Just don’t exaggerate and drink for the enjoyment.

Anyways, I think it’s the earliest ever, I got into Christmas mood. Usually, I am very stressed and busy and don’t have the time to think about Christmas. But this year it is a bit different. And when walking through the beautiful Christmas village, you don’t have any other chance than falling in love with Christmas already. 

There are so many different food corners, drinks and little stands with things you need around Christmas, to indulge in that feeling and just enjoy the time with your loved ones. So did we last night. We strolled around with our mulled wines in our hands, eating some delicacies from time to time and then we stopped by the ice-rink to go ice-skating very spontaneously. What we didn’t regret afterwards since it was so much fun. 

Have a good start into the Christmas season everyone!

Location: Wienachtsdorf, Zurich

Take care & write you soon…



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