80K Photo Shoot – how to pose…

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…like a pro – or at least something like that. Well, I can say I am quite experienced in the world of modeling and I love to share and transfer my knowledge. Therefore, we came up with the idea to do a live photo shoot for the 80K get-together. 

But it shouldn’t be only me standing in front of the camera and sharing my secrets of modeling, posing and so on. Moreover, my followers should have had the chance to stand in front of Diana Kottmann’s camera themselves. So I invited the lucky winners of my 80K giveaway to that special event. Where I explained how a photo shoot takes place, what’s important to consider, how do I pose and I answered all the interesting questions I got asked regarding my job.

We even had a professional hair & make-up artist with Selina Wipfli who made my followers even prettier so that they were totally ready to stand in front of the camera. For the majority of my guest it was the first time doing a photo shoot. But guess what? They acted like professionals already. Some of them even surprised me with their expressions and posing. They either had the talent right from the start or listened to my instructions before very carefully. 

In the end, it’s not that difficult, ok well I guess it is. In my opinion you either have it and feel yourself comfortable in front of the camera or you don’t. And the rest is learning by doing, by practicing a lot, working on different expressions - especially the face is the most important part. To transfer different emotions - real emotions! That’s the key. It should be credible. As soon as it looks like a fake smile, the picture isn’t good. Therefore, just act normal, think of daily situations where you have this feelings in a strong way. For example if you need to make a big smile, think of one of your funniest stories or people who always make you laugh. Ok, it might sound easier than it is, but it’s all about practicing. 

Anyways, it was a fun get-together with lovely people, a great team and some amazing pictures as a result. 

Photographer: Diana Kottmann
Hair & Make-up: Selina Wipfli

Take care & write you soon…



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