70K Spa & Coffee Day – Let’s relax…

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We’re trying to plan different events every 10K follower step. It’s not that we never run out of creativity (everybody does that from time to time, I guess), but to match all your different interests. With every event, there are some of you, who might be interested or not. 

Yesterday, we’ve been to the Thermalbad Zürich, a lovely spa in the city of Zurich. We spent a lovely day together including enjoying the thermal bath overlooking the city (even though it was rather foggy in the morning) and going through the Spa part. I just love to do that. The combination of hot steam, really hot and rather cold water and in the end just to lie there on warm beds is simply relaxing for me. We fell asleep right after some seconds. Listening to the Jacuzzi baths and the chattering people in the background, you cannot stay awake I’d say. After the relaxation part, we’ve been all really silent and tame – lol. But I think that’s always a good sign, if you’re able to take a rest. 

Then we’ve changed the location and walked to the B2 Boutique Hotel, which is connected with the thermal bath. There we’ve enjoyed a glass of Prosecco (it was one of the winners’ birthday), a lovely chocolate cake and some coffee & tea. So the day couldn’t end better.  

I’m always happy to meet some of you guys in cool locations and do some activities. On Monday, we’re already having the 80K photo shoot with a few of you. I’m looking forward to that day. And well, there’s a big project coming soon, where many of you can be part of. I’m eager to hear your feedback and opinion. The 90K event is in the planning already and well, the 100K event is around the corner as well. I think it’s gonna be an exciting time until the end of the year and I’m happy you can all be part of that time. I appreciate your support each day and that’s a way to return all the favors. 

Locations: Thermalbad Zürich & B2 Boutique Hotel

Take care & write you soon…



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