60K Sunday Brunch – the perfect start…

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…into the day. Lately, we are growing so fast on Instagram and as you might know I’ve reached 60K. Well, soon we will even reach the 70K. I am very happy to have such a lovely and great community. 

And as you know me, I want to give something back to you. To say thank you and to appreciate all the support you are giving to me on my way in the model and blogger world. Yes, social media is an online world and we connect and interact on a virtual basis but in my opinion it is also important to meet up and connect in real life. 

Therefore, if you should ever see me somewhere, don’t hesitate to come by and say “hi”. I love to meet people in real life and know a little bit more about them. That’s one more reason why I started with organizing a meet & greet every 10K step. And I always try to do something different, a little cool get-together where we can chat and have fun. 

This time, I organized a little brunch in the beautiful Hotel Storchen in Zurich, where we could enjoy their new weekend breakfast special and ordered some delicious food platter to share. We had the choice between avocado-mango toast, avocado toast with egg and bacon, pancakes with maple syrup and fruits and pancakes with salmon. Of course some croissants, bread and orange juice couldn’t be missed. And a personalized cappuccino with my face on it, how cool is that? Celebrating my 60K and the amazing and funny company I had, we needed to cheers to life with some prosecco. 

This is how I could always spend my Sunday and I can’t wait to meet some more of you guys in one of my next get-togethers. 

Location & breakfast: Hotel Storchen Zurich

Take care & write you soon…



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