100K Fondue Night & #SantaSteven is coming to town...

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December 27 - what a lovely day that was after two beautiful Christmas days. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it to the Xmas Meet&Greet at the Crowne Plaza Zurich, but the ones who did, were happy. We were welcomed by the hotel director and were able to enjoy our time in the hotel bar with the winners of the Advent calendar project. In addition to that, LoLa’s Daily Kitchen gave us the opportunity to try her newest vegan cakes. Yummie! And for sure… In the end, it was time to give the gifts to the winners.

I’m not sure yet what the idea for December 2019 will be, but time will tell. #SantaSteven might be coming to town again. If you have any feedback to the whole project – I’m happy to consider that in the planning phase. Feel free to comment on the post or send me a direct message. 

Then, after a relaxing afternoon, we changed the location and drove to the new Goldkind Concept Studio in Herrliberg. We decided to go for an easygoing Fondue night – the timing for that occasion was quite good. The location itself is simply perfect for this kind of events. Perfectly organized by the owner, the whole atmosphere felt like home. We enjoyed a lovely night with some of my followers and a lot of cheese. 

For the next events, I’m going to set the Meet & Greets not on the 10K milestones but rather 30-50K. Doing this, I have more time to plan special kinds of events for you and it’s not going to be a rush as it was between 60K and 100K. If you have any wishes you would like me to think about – just let me know. I’m always open to new ideas, I just cannot promise that every idea is going to be implemented.

Take care & write you soon...



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