“Italianità” influences Men’s Fashion

Shoes & Accessories: Ochsner Shoes

When it comes to fashion, the Italians are always a step ahead. Therefore there is no better place than traveling to Milano to get inspired about the latest trends for spring/summer 2017.  So I did in the beginning of this year for modeling and working on new projects for my blog.

Milan is well known as an important address in the fashion industry. During the fashion weeks, which take part twice a year, famous designers and brands such as Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Missoni are showing their latest collections.

To me Milan itself is a great source of inspiration. The beautiful streets with the typical coffee shops and restaurants as well as the impressive gothic architecture activate my creativity. At the same time, the Italians also show as much style as their wonderful ancient buildings. Inspired by their love in details and the Italian flair I put together three stylish looks for the new fashion booklet of Ochsner Shoes to be ready for the upcoming spring/summer season.

The Sunny Boy
The first look is based on casual and trendy grey cloth shoes. You can combine these pair of shoes on warmer days easily with a simple chino or as I did here with a grey jeans and a jeans shirt. If the spring days are rather cool, you can go for a fashionable scarf in a bright color like orange. Sure, sunny boys should not miss the straw hat.

The Rocker Guy
The second outfit should be a bit more “rocky”. A well tailored blue jeans, a white basic shirt and a black leather jacket is all you need. A summer scarf is a possible eye catcher, which you can add to this outfit. If you do that, you bring some more pep into it. To round it up perfectly, you can just wear black sneakers. Quite easy.

The Casanova
Well, the last look is an outfit, which is “tipicamente italiano” for me. It’s an outfit you would imagine the bloggers and fashionistas in the streets of Italy look like. The outfit is not that difficult, though. The beautiful accessories are the most important part, and they fit just perfectly into the background. The classic business shoes fit well with a beige-colored chino, which is still “en vogue” this season, and a white dress shirt. With a matching belt and kind of a similar bag, you’re just well-dressed.

Shoes & Accessories: Ochsner Shoes

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