My daily grooming routine...
Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

Hello guys! I just came back from another job in Germany. I’m always happy, when I get the opportunity to travel and I appreciate this part of my job.

Shades of blue...
Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

Well, you know that blue is one of my favorite colors. And here, I just fell in love with this location, even though it’s rather a small spot than a big location.

Start your day with…
Lounge- & Nightwear: Zimmerli of Switzerland

…a smile! With a smile everything gets easier and better than you’ve actually been thinking of. Well, it’s easy to start in the day with a smile when you’re waking up in an area like this. Where you can hear the waves in front of your door and see the ocean and palms around you.

Turn back the time...
Watch & Cuff: Daniel Wellington

Sometimes we wish we could turn back time. In either good or bad situations or decisions. As for example: after seeing the weather these days, I’d immediately turn the time back to the sunny Mallorca.

Castle on the hill...
Accessories: Fossil

Natürlich bin ich hier auf keinem Hügel in Zürich und es ist auch kein Schloss. Zumindest nicht genau die Definition von einem Schloss, wie man es kennt. Doch die Architektur dieser Umgebung hat mich irgendwie an diese Art von Gebäuden erinnert. Und ja, wir alle kennen den überaus talentierten Ed Sheeran und seine unzählig erfolgreichen Hits. Dieser Song kam mir also direkt in den Sinn, als ich an ein Schloss gedacht habe.

Scent for the senses…
Fragrance: Bentley Momentum

Don’t you know this situation when a person is rushing by and you just smell her/his scent and it immediately reminds you of a familiar person as for example your mother, your teenage girl-/boyfriend or your math teacher of the primary school.