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The days are getting shorter, the nights longer and at the same time chilly. So it’s time to think about the must-have outfit for fall/winter this year. The leather jacket is still the piece you need to have. You can see it in every shop. It really is the true companion of every man.

Many people ask me, how I dress in my private life. And normally, my answer surprises people as they are expecting another answer from a male model. Well, if I am not on a job or invited to an event, I prefer just jumping into cozy clothes. I love it to hang around in jogging pants and t-shirt all day long.

„I’m blue da ba dee da ba di… (lalalala)“ Do you remember this song? I definitely do. It feels like it was yesterday. Randomly this week I came across with this hit in an oldie-playlist on my iPod and it threw me back to 1999. In my memory I can see myself as an 11 years old guy sitting in primary school and listening to this track all day long.

The sun is burning. The sweat is running down the chin. We are enjoying the hot summer these days. The ozone pollution is quite high and the health office is advising against doing sports outdoor. But how can I complete my regular cardio sessions? Running on the treadmill in the gym? No – I don't like that at all. There is the only solution to go into the cooler forest…

London. A metropolis. An inspiration. At least form me! I love this city. Why? Hard to say. However it is the diversity, the urban, the hecticness what keeps me fascinated about the city. The streets are full of creative and business-minded people. London, well-known as the finance metropolis – for me it is beyond that. A source of inspiration…

It’s one of those days – you are sleepy and hanging around in your bed. The sunrays tickle you and put a smile on your face. You can get up highly motivated and in a good mood. Because it is promised to get a really beautiful summer day.

The weather is going crazy here in Switzerland. Sometimes it shows its beautiful side with a lot of sun and temperature above 30 degrees Celsius for changing the next day with thunderstorm, rain and a temperature drop of 10 degrees. So, how should you choose the right clothes in these changing conditions?!

It shouldn’t be missing in any wardrobe: The jeans! I don’t know any person, no matter if female or male, who doesn’t possess at least one pair of jeans. Often it is even a much bigger amount of these pants. I would claim, that the jeans is the most common clothing piece in most part of the world. This is probably thanks to the nowadays huge selection of colors, shapes and styles.

Do you know this feeling of freedom and unconcern? Going through the streets of a busy and big city with no need to keep pace to that hectic drive. Being able to stroll cozily along the wonderful alley and hereby having the chance to soak up the impressions of that city while the stressed business people are rushing by.

Well, summer is hiding this year for a long time already. Thank god, the sun is a little out at least today. Reason enough to come into summer mood 2016 on the fashion side. And this year it is all about fresh and bright colors, so at least the outfits are shining if the sun doesn’t play the game.


Popular Tags

fashion (44) fashionstyle (27) lifestyle (38) model (7) scotch&soda (8) streetstyle (12) style (22) styleguide (22) summer (9) sun (7) travel (14) zurich (22)