True blue – a favorite color...

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

We all know that there’s a whole science when it comes to colors. It’s about the meaning of the different colors in terms of psychology. The colors we see have different meaning and we associate them differently. And yes, colors you choose to wear can represent the way you feel.

Jeans series No. 3 – Into the blue… Jeans!

Outfit: House of Jeans, St. Gallen

„I’m blue da ba dee da ba di… (lalalala)“ Do you remember this song? I definitely do. It feels like it was yesterday. Randomly this week I came across with this hit in an oldie-playlist on my iPod and it threw me back to 1999. In my memory I can see myself as an 11 years old guy sitting in primary school and listening to this track all day long.