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Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

Monday, 20. March 2017


True blue – a favorite color...

We all know that there’s a whole science when it comes to colors. It’s about the meaning of the different colors in terms of psychology. The colors we see have different meaning and we associate them differently. And yes, colors you choose to wear can represent the way you feel.

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Shoes: GEOX by Ochsner Shoes

Thursday, 16. March 2017


SuSTYLEability – Sustainability in a stylish way…

Sustainability is one of the big words since quite a long time now. And it doesn’t really matter where you’re looking at. Sustainability concerns our daily life and all the different views and aspects that come with it.

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Loungewear: CALIDA

Monday, 13. March 2017


How to spend a Sunday…

I love Sunday’s. And I even love it more, when I am off and have no work to do. Well, no work doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything at all. I still need to do some paper work, picture selection or writing on new blogposts. There is almost no day without doing anything.

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Earphones: Sudio

Thursday, 9. March 2017


Music is the key…

…to happiness. Is it just a casual saying or really the truth? Well, to me music makes me very happy, most of the time at least. Of course there are also moments where music makes you sad or better said, you are going to listen to sad music when you are not in a good mood.

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Smartphone: Huawei

Monday, 6. March 2017


Photography on a smart level…

Recently returned from my short trip to Barcelona, one of my all-time favorite cities, I have so many good memories and an amazing new device in my pocket.

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Outfit: Adidas Originals

Thursday, 2. March 2017


I’m walking on sunshine...

…and don’t it feel good? We all know this lovely feel-good song. Even listening to it on a rainy day makes you feel happier. Now the song matches even better. March has arrived, and it feels great to catch some sun from time to time. No matter if it’s for a coffee break or after work in the evening.

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