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Outfit: Bally

Monday, 10. April 2017


Tone in tone...

Usually, I’m not a big fan of white or bright beige trousers, unless I need to wear them during events with the dress code “all white”. But well, in combination with my favorite piece, the leather jacket, which is really tone in tone here, and white sneakers to round it up - I need to adjust my opinion about bright trousers.

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Steven Epprecht ¦ SE signature style

Thursday, 13. April 2017


Off to the south… Mallorca!

It’s Easter on the weekend and that means I’m having some time off. Mallorca is calling for a few days. The weather forecast for Zurich looks quite nice for now as well, so I wouldn’t even need to travel somewhere.

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Shoes: Adidas Originals

Monday, 17. April 2017


Casual start – casual streetwear...

After my short Easter getaway to the sunny Mallorca, which was just so relaxing I am back in Zurich and guess what?! The temperature has dropped to the cold again. Well means it’s time for Hoodies!

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Watch & Cuff: Daniel Wellington

Thursday, 20. April 2017


Turn back the time...

Sometimes we wish we could turn back time. In either good or bad situations or decisions. As for example: after seeing the weather these days, I’d immediately turn the time back to the sunny Mallorca. But it’s one of the things we cannot do and will never be able to do. What if we could? I guess it would be too simple.

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Outfit: Zara

Monday, 27. March 2017


Why we love jeans...

I’m sure, it is not only me, and for sure not men only who just love to wear jeans. Whether it’s about a pair of blue jeans, a jeans jacket or a jeans shirt. It simply is one of the greatest basics in each wardrobe. Like a leather jacket, a suit or the little black dress we know every woman wants to have.

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Timepiece & cuff: Daniel Wellington

Thursday, 23. March 2017


A piece of time...

It’s quite scary how time is passing by so fast. There is no need to say what kind of bad things happen every day; we all know that. Living in Switzerland is one of the most valuable gifts we have, though. But we often forget to appreciate that due to having “no time”.

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