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85. Mediennacht – A night to remember…

First I need to tell you: I have chosen the wrong occupation! – But let’s explain that later…

Last Saturday the night of the nights in the circus of media took place. Already for the 85th time the swiss media world and personalities from all different fields such as economics, politics, sports, culture, entertainment met at “Kongresshaus” in Zurich and celebrated their own. Even I got an invitation to this glamorous event, which was organized by the event agency Russen&Berger. Glamorous brings it to the point, therefore the dress code was “black tie” which was followed strictly by all guests. Everywhere you could see ladies in elegant evening gowns and gentlemen in classy suits.
For that night I made the decision to set on the favorite color of Karl Lagerfeld. Black! I dressed myself with a noble suit by Hugo Boss and to top it off I have chosen a black shirt instead of a classic white one. The highlight of my outfit however was the velvet bow tie, of course in black. The all black optic gave my outfit an additional glamor.

But back to the evening. It was a successful night where I could chat with good old friends or met new ones. It was a pleasure to meet people from the industry and make good party with them.

The highlight of the night was the granting of the award “Medienstar 2016”. This honor is given to personalities of the swiss media world, who gives distinction to the public opinion and fight for important topics. The award went deservedly and for the first time to a woman: Susanne Wille. She earned the prize for her persuading journalistic performance and especially for the professional hosting of the live TV-broadcast of the federal elections in Switzerland, which was held over 12 hours. She was honored by her colleague Urs Leutert, who commended her on her work.

But why did I choose the wrong occupation? Should I have become a journalist? NO – hotelier! How comes? Well, it was not me but rather a fortune teller. We got the opportunity at the event to let predict our future. And there we go, I have a hosting-gen inside me. I care about my fellows and want to be self-employed. Therefore I am the born Hotelier, that’s what he said. Well, I could live with that idea – maybe at a later stage of my career….

Suit & bow tie: Hugo Boss by PKZ
Shoes: Walder

Take care & write you soon…


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Popular Tags

fashion (44) fashionstyle (27) lifestyle (38) model (7) scotch&soda (8) streetstyle (12) style (22) styleguide (22) summer (9) sun (7) travel (14) zurich (22)